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What parents are saying…


“I’ve been in education for 20 years and have visited many schools. Hillsborough is a true gem! The love and kindness at this school is evident the minute you walk through the door. I remember the first week my son started school and thinking that the friendliness was just a ‘first week of school’ welcome. I was so wrong. Every day there is a spirit of generosity and kindness.”

– Preschool Parent


“My 9 year old daughter went through the hardest year of her life in 2014. After her dad passed away, Hillsborough accepted her into their program as I could not continue to homeschool. Our experience has been beyond a 5 star. The small classes and teacher attention have made a child who was struggling with school go from average to being an ‘A’ student. Her confidence has soared this past year! Thank you teachers and staff of Hillsborough.”

– Tina K., Elementary Parent


“Mr. Clark has been the perfect teacher to bring our daughter along academically. His kindness, patience, and encouragement towards her means so much.”

– Elementary Parent


“Miss Tami is awesome and so welcoming. She greets us each morning with a smile and always asks our son about his day.”

– Preschool Parent


“When we first enrolled our son in Hillsborough’s kindergarten program, our expectations were result-oriented. As long as he gained real knowledge and excelled, we would keep him at Hillsborough. Our son is now graduating from the fourth grade and we’ve already re-enrolled him at Hillsborough for fifth grade. Our son is proud of his reading skills and academic performance, and so are we, thanks to Hillsborough’s attentive teachers and small class sizes.”

  Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson, Elementary Parents


“I wish that I could do at home with my two children what you are able to accomplish on a daily basis. This school is exceptional. I want to thank all of the wonderful teachers and also the very wonderful principal here at Hillsborough for creating such a special school for our children, which is both academically challenging and enriching while being warm and nurturing at the same time. I know that I speak for all of the families when I say that you are helping us to raise and shape our children into fine human beings that we will all be proud of.”

– Yasmin A., Elementary Parent


“Safety is the most important factor to us and we feel completely comfortable dropping our son off each morning. There is always someone at the front desk. The friendly staff and family feel is a plus.”

– Sean G., Preschool Parent


“This school offers an amazing program. The children all learn self discipline and community participation while experiencing a strong academic program designed to provide the students a solid education. All students have the standard subjects, but the school has structured art, computer and PE classes in a well taught, thoughtfully planned environment. This is an amazing school.”

– Robert M., Elementary Parent


“My three year old son goes here and we just love it. The staff are warm and professional. I feel like he is getting just the right balance of academics and playtime here. Miss Shirley especially makes each day so exciting and fun.”

– Karen L., Preschool Parent


“Hillsborough School is very unique. It is a beautiful and special start for children!”

– Preschool Parent


“We keep all three of our children at Hillsborough because Hillsborough doesn’t just talk about education, they actually teach. Hillsborough honors all aspects of its commitments: real classroom coursework, real physical education, real Spanish, real music, real art. Hillsborough helps us, as parents, achieve our long term goals of having well-rounded children with well-rounded educations. No other school we’ve known or experienced went beyond lip service in these areas. Hillsborough is everything we want in a school for our children.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Mallory, Elementary Parents


“Hillsborough has provided our children a very good foundation for early education in a close-knit and caring environment. Their curriculum and well-prepared teachers allow our kids to always stay a step ahead in their education.”

– Janet K., Elementary Parent