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Enrichment Programs

We know that success should be evident in all areas of our students’ lives. Our daily academic program centers on values of the family and our students enjoy a well-rounded education involving the following weekly additions:


Research indicates that an education in the arts makes a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of every child and has a measurable impact on increasing overall academic performance. This program allows students to learn about the history and techniques ofArt class_14 various famous artists throughout the year. Students meet with our art teacher during which they will depict the techniques that were particular to each artist. The younger classes focus more on creativity, while the older classes will actually explore various periods of art over the years.

Computer Class                                    

Beginning in kindergarten, students will visit our computer lab.  The computer teacher focuses on the basic computer skills and programs, while working closely with the classroom teachers to incorporate additional educational material (math, language arts, reading) that is being covered in class. The lower elementary grades will focus more on keyboarding, basic software usage, word processing, and graphics, while in the older grades students will become accomplished users in the following areas: MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


Students will participate in music class once per week. During this time they will learn a multitude of songs, many of which they will perform at our yearly all-school performances. Upper elementary grades take their musical education a step further with a more in depth understanding of the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of music.

Physical Education                               

Physical activity is an essential element of our students’ education. The younger grads will focus on the basic skills needed to play a variety of sports as well as teamwork. Older grades will build on these skills further as they participate in group and team sports and put into practice the skills they have acquired over the years.  Students follow the presidential fitness guidelines, which encourages physical fitness by  recording students’ abilities and progress over a wide variety of activities. swim-002





The acquisition of a second language is challenging for many students. However, when introduced at a young age, students are receptive and able to learn quickly. Hillsborough students are introduced to basic Spanish vocabulary beginning in kindergarten. Students in the younger grades focus on vocabulary enrichment. Thereafter, students begin building on these skills as they become more comfortable with both the conversational and written aspects of the language.



Character Education                           allie

Good character is encouraged as a daily part of our students’ lives. Each month all of Hillsborough School focuses on a different trait. Teachers incorporate this trait into their weekly lesson plans. We emphasize Hawk Habits on a daily basis and students are recognized for their efforts by becoming eligible for the    monthly citizenship award.