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Our school offers a balanced, traditional curriculum which focuses on the critical skills of language, literacy, math, and problem solving. When our students leave Hillsborough, they are confident, knowledgeable, and well-prepared for middle school.

Our Bridging program provides accelerated learning for our gifted students.

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  • Fluency, comprehension, vocabulary development and discussion through SRA/Open Court (K-5), Wordly Wise (grades 4-6) and selected core literature novels (3-6)


  • Sadlier-Oxford Progress in Mathematics (K-6)
  • Mountain Math (K-6)
  • Problem Solving, Flash-Skill Building Activities and Manipulatives

Language Arts/Writing

  • Step Up to Writing (K-6)
  • Conventions of Language including grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, spelling, paragraphing, etc.


  • Zaner-Bloser cursive handwriting (2-3)
  • Daily practice printing (K-2) and cursive handwriting (3-5)

Science 10945081_436830093146769_7851284727571804054_o

  • Full Option Science System (FOSS) (K-6)
  • Life, Earth and Physical Science Investigations
  • Gardening
  • Science Fair/Outdoor Science Camp (Grade 6)

Social Studies

  • MacMillan/McGraw Hill (K-6)
  • Friends, neighbors, communities, regions, nation and world
  • Walk Through Programs
  • Geography
  • Health