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Our Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum is the perfect combination of academic and developmental activities. The lessons are taught through a variety of educational experiences including art with many mediums, fine motor skill activities, literature, and dramatic play.


Apples Everywhere!

Color- Orange

Shape- Intro. All Shapes

Numbers- 1, 2, 3

Letters- A, B, C

Feelin’ Good/Stayin’ Safe

Dinosaurs Go To School


Spin A Web

Color- Black/White

Shape- Triangle

Numbers- 4, 5, 6

Letters- D, E, F

Four Seasons

Fire Safety


Let’s Give Thanks!

Color- Brown

Shape- Rectangle

Numbers- 7, 8

Letters- G,H,I

Sleep Tight

Manners Matter


‘Tis the Season

Color- Red

Shape- Star

Numbers- 9, 10

Letters- J, K, L

Fasten Up!

Gingerbread Days


Snowflakes & Icicles

Color- Blue

Shape- Circle

Numbers- 11,12

Letters- M, N, O

Once Upon a Time

Wheeling About!


In the Mail

Color- Pink

Shape- Heart

Numbers- 13, 14

Letters- P, Q, R

Teeth Tips

Teddy Bear Games


Here Comes the Circus

Color- Green

Shape- Square

Numbers- 15, 16

Letters- S, T, U

You Are What You Eat

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


Spring Has Sprung!

Color- Yellow

Shape- Oval

Numbers- 17, 18

Letters- V, W, X

Up and Away

The World of Art


Baby Animals

Color- Purple

Shape- Shape Review

Numbers- 19, 20

Letters- Y, Z


Lazy Days & Bumble Bees